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Автор дополнения
Василий Наумкин
28 934
Автор дополнения
28 934
Версия 1.13.1-pl
Дата выпуска 08.04.2022
Загрузки 19 471
Просмотры 77 941
Внимание, этот компонент требует версию PHP 5.3 или выше! Если ваш сайт использует PHP ниже требуемого, установка этого дополнения может его сломать.
Внимание, этот компонент требует версию MODX не ниже 2.3 !

Основные возможности MODX Tickets

  • Создание особых разделов для тикетов в админке, со своим интерфейсом.
  • Создание тикетов в админке, тоже со своими панелями и табами.
  • Создание страниц с фронтенда.
  • Редактирование страниц с фронтенда, с проверкой прав.
  • Чумовые ajax-комментарии.
  • Редактирование\удаление комментариев с админки.
  • Права доступа на добавление страниц в раздел и создание комментариев.
  • Собственное кэширование тикетов.
  • Принудительная фильтрация тикетов при выводе на экран Jevix.
  • Автоматическая установка и настройка Jevix при инсталляции пакета. 2 набора параметров, раздельно для тикетов и комментариев.
  • Удобный редактор MarkItUp для тикетов и комментариев.
  • Почтовые уведомления о комментариях автору тикета, и тем, кому ответили на его комментарий.
  • Вывод последних комментариев и тикетов, с разбивкой по разделам и возможностью кэширования.
  • Все нужные чанки оформления, прописанные параметры у сниппетов, 2 языка — русский и английский.

1.13.1 pl

  • Added log parameter to Tickets::getNewComments method to log view new comments
  • Added possibility to use TicketComments not only for resource objects
  • Fixed error PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of N bytes exhausted when updating a component

1.13.0 pl

  • add integration with FormIt validator for TicketForm and comments

1.12.1 pl

  • fix upload files on front-end updating Tickets

1.12.0 pl

  • fix error "date strftime is not a function"
  • Ability to upload files in comments

1.11.2 pl

  • fix max key length with utf8mb4
  • add params description for snippet subscribeAuthor
  • allow @INLINE, @FILE binding for tpl in subscribeAuthor
  • uri alias_visible
  • add navigation button on resource update page

1.11.1 pl

  • In snippet TicketComments add option "separatePlaceholder"
  • In snippet TicketForm add ability exclude -section for options parents, resources
  • Add setting "tickets.max_files_upload"

1.11.0 pl

  • Ability to subscribe to the author
  • Added new snippet "subscribeAuthor".
  • Added chunks "tpl.Tickets.author.email.subscription" and "tpl.Tickets.author.subscribe".

1.10.1 pl

  • Fix lost subscribers after saving in mgr

1.10.0 pl

  • Allow find by raw comment text in mgr.
  • Fix box search, allow find by id less 3 char.
  • Add new tab for management subscribe TicketsSection
  • Add new policy section_unsubscribe
  • Add few fields in customize form set

1.9.5 pl

  • Fix typo in mgr/comment/create.
  • Fix id comments-tab in mgr.
  • Fix broken TicketsConfig on Form after login/logout.
  • Allow processing loaded image in the OnFileManagerFileCreate event.

1.9.4 pl

  • Fixed sometimes bug with save section properties.
  • On update ticket upload files UX improvement.
  • Save state "clear cache" on update section ticket.

1.9.3 pl

  • Ability to delete ticket on front by owner. And undelete ticket on front if it was deleted by owner.
  • Added new TicketForm parameters: &allowDelete, &redirectDeleted, &redirectUnDeleted (for delete on front), &tid (forced update Form without $_REQUEST["tid"]).
  • Add sorting with Drag & Drop TicketFile on TicketForm (on save - link with ms2Gallery rank).

1.9.2 pl

  • Fixed creating access policies on install or update.

1.9.1 pl

  • Ability to create new comments from manager.

1.9.0 pl

  • Improved support of MODX 2.7.
  • Removed unnecessary files.
  • Minimum version is MODX 2.3.

1.8.5 pl

  • Fixed possible SQL injections by Agel_Nash.

1.8.4 pl

  • The calendar in the manager now respects the "manager_week_start" system setting.

1.8.3 pl

  • Fixed removing TicketTotal on removing Ticket.

1.8.2 pl

  • Unpublished tickets send code HTTP 403.
  • Fixed bug with ability to overwrite properties of TicketsSection when you save it in manager.
  • Fixed auto change of "createdon" field in "TicketAuthor" class.
  • Fixed comments model.

1.8.1 pl

  • Added "kbd" to allowed preformatted tags.
  • [#149] Fixed loading rich text editors in controllers (especially TinyMCE).
  • [#148] [TicketComments] Fixed the loading of all comments when &thread is not specified.
  • [#147] Added an javascript events on save and preview comments and tickets.
  • [#135] [TicketComments] Added ability to custom "error" element nesting in javascript.

1.8.0 pl

  • Added support of ms2Gallery 2.0.
  • TicketFile thumbnails now stored in a separate folder.
  • Improved update of ticket form by data from server.

1.7.6 pl

  • Fixed the work of TicketMeta with usual resources.
  • Removed broken option "&permissions" from snippet TicketForm.
  • Fixed possible E_WARNING in plugin at line 50.

1.7.5 pl

  • Fixed "total_rating" placeholders in a chunks.
  • The TicketMeta snippet now updates document variables on load.

1.7.4 pl

  • Fixed bug with dynamic override ticket section on save.

1.7.3 pl

  • Some security fixes.

1.7.2 pl

  • Fixed the counting of comments of a ticket.

1.7.1 pl

  • Updated jQuery.jGrowl to the latest version.
  • Fixed the clearing of cache of a resource on save from manager.

1.7.0 pl

  • Requires MODX 2.3+
  • PSR-2
  • System setting "section_content_default" is now empty by default.
  • [#139] Added return of id of the saved ticket.
  • Added new plugin events: OnBeforeTicketVote, OnBeforeCommentVote, OnBeforeTicketStar, OnBeforeTicketUnStar, OnBeforeCommentStar and OnBeforeCommentUnStar.
  • Ability to limit the number of days to vote for a tickets and comments in a sections.
  • Ability to require the minimum rating to create a tickets and comments in a section.
  • New object "TicketTotal" that stores total values of sections and tickets: rating, comments, views, etc.
  • Improved the speed of processing sections with a big number of tickets and comments.

1.6.17 pl

  • Updated model for MySQL 5.7.

1.6.16 pl

  • [#134] [TicketMeta] Added ability to specify &thread.

1.6.15 pl

  • Improved load of pdoTools.

1.6.14 pl

  • [#133] Added trailing semicolon for inline scripts.
  • [#132] Unset service "action" property before object save.

1.6.13 pl

  • Fixed save of TicketAuthorAction with empty rating.

1.6.12 pl

  • [#130] Respect section settings on ticket create in manager.

1.6.11 pl

  • Chunks of emails now use the lexicons.

1.6.10 pl

  • Added escaping of Fenom tags

1.6.9 pl

  • [mgr] Added search by author of ticket in tickets list.
  • Added new events: OnCommentVote and OnTicketVote.
  • Added new events: OnCommentStar, OnCommentUnStar, OnTicketStar, OnTicketUnStar.

1.6.8 pl

  • [getTickets] Fixed counting wrong number of views.

1.6.7 pl

  • Fixed typo in redirect rule of plugin.
  • Returned missing Jevix property sets.
  • Improved tables resolver for update really old versions.
  • Added autoload of Prettify in default.js

1.6.6 pl

  • Improved installation script for MODX 2.4.

1.6.5 pl

  • [#126] Fixed possible issue with thread latest comment

1.6.4 pl

  • [#125] fixed deletion of dependent objects.

1.6.3 pl

  • Improved performance of installer.
  • Fixed possibility to create a new comment with specified rating.
  • [getTickets] Fixed parameter &toSeparatePlaceholders.

1.6.2 pl

  • [mgr] Fixed special checkboxes handling in Ticket panel.
  • Improved performance of Tickets saving.

1.6.1 pl

  • Improved counting of totals in AuthorProfile.
  • More ratings in AuthorProfile.
  • [mgr] Improved authors page.

1.6.0 pl3

  • [#113] Added ratings for the authors.
  • [#122] [TicketComments] Added parameter &requiredFields for snippet.
  • [#122] [TicketComments] Improved frontend errors handling.
  • [#111] Ability to load any js and css files on Tickets initialization.
  • [#87] Added new tab with the all tickets of the site.
  • [#83] Improved extension of TicketsSection page.
  • [#84] Added profiles of authors.
  • [#83] Improved extension of Ticket page.
  • [#61] Ability to specify url of comments thread for opening from manager.
  • [mgr] Improved Tickets grid on TicketsSection page.
  • [mgr] Improved Threads grid.
  • [mgr] Improved Comments grid.
  • [mgr] More Comments events.
  • [mgr] More Threads events.
  • [mgr] New method Tickets::loadManagerFiles for 3rd party components.
  • Updated MarkItUp to version 1.1.14.
  • Updated Plupload to version 2.1.2.
  • Added system settings with tree icons for MODX 2.3.
  • Code reformat.
  • [#120] Fixed permissions in comments processors.
  • [#119] Fixed pagination in comments grid.
  • [#118] Tickets::sanitizeString can process simple arrays.
  • [#117] Fixed work with "tvs_below_content".
  • [#114] [getComments] Fixed showDeleted parameter.
  • [#108] Improved method TicketThread::buildTree.
  • [#107] Fixed missing tag "bad".
  • [getComments] Fixed displaying deleted comments.
  • [#93] [TicketComments] Fixed notices about unpublished comments to admins.
  • [#81] [TicketForm] Added parameter &bypassFields.

1.5.1 pl

  • Improved editing html entities in page titles.

1.5.0 pl

  • Ability to specify multiple previews for uploaded images in media source.
  • [#115] Fixed tickets uri generation.
  • [#110] Fixed aggregate connection to modUser in TicketComment.
  • [#95] Ability to remove user files for members of group "Administrator".
  • Ability to count guests views of pages. New system setting "tickets.count_guests".

1.4.2 pl1

  • Improved sanitization of MODX tags in snippet TicketForm.

1.4.2 rc2

  • Changed Gravatar url to https protocol.
  • Fixed work with MODX 2.3.
  • Fixed sort of tickets grid.
  • [#100] Fixed tables resolver.
  • Fixed rare bug with users combo on advanced site configuration.

1.4.1 pl

  • Improved redirect of NotFound tickets in plugin.

1.4.0 pl1

  • Fixed bug with listing of all comments in empty section.
  • Fixed processing of "tickets.ticket_max_cut" in tickets processor.
  • Comments are now using users photo if exists.
  • Added parameter "resources" for TicketForm.

1.4.0 pl

  • Added section settings.
  • Removed system settings "ticket_id_as_alias" and "section_id_as_alias".
  • System settings "ticket_show_in_tree_default", "ticket_isfolder_force" and "ticket_hidemenu_force" moved to section settings.
  • System settings "default_template", "disable_jevix_default", "process_tags_default" moved to section settings.
  • Added ability to specify custom uris for children tickets.
  • Added subscriptions for sections of tickets.
  • Added chunks "tpl.Tickets.ticket.email.subscription" and "tpl.Tickets.sections.wrapper".
  • New methods: TicketsSection:Subscribe() and TicketsSection::isSubscribed().
  • Added new system setting "ticket_max_cut". Now you can specify length of text without tag "cut".
  • Added ability to add tickets and comments into favorites.
  • Added new snippet "getComments".
  • Added new snippet "getStars".
  • Added ability to publish and unpublish tickets.
  • Added new system setting "unpublished_ticket_page".
  • Added ability to upload files for tickets.
  • Added permissions for work with files.
  • Improved contexts support.
  • Improved parameter "returnIds" in snippets.
  • Improved handling of "ticketForm" properties and sections verification.
  • Improved notifications about unpublished comments and tickets.
  • Improved vote for any resource with TicketMeta.
  • Improved list chunks.
  • [TicketForm] Added ability to disable sisyphus for any fields by setting class "disable-sisyphus".
  • [TicketComments] Added parameter "autoPublishGuest" for more flexible management of comments.
  • [#80] Fixed innerJoin in getTickets.
  • [#76] Fixed auto publication of tickets.
  • [#75] Ability to vote for any resource.
  • [#74] Fixed ticket panel for new versions of MODX.
  • [#72] Fixed handling TVs.
  • [#64] Fixed forced processing of introtext by Jevix.
  • [mgr] Disabled ability to delete comment via update form.
  • Fixed default template on ticket creation.
  • Fixed saving ticket properties.

1.3.0 rc3

  • [#59] Added changing of opacity of bad comments.
  • [#58] Fixed switching the document class from modDocument to Ticket.
  • [#57] Added more user placeholders to preview and create comment.
  • [#56] Added field "description".
  • [#55] Fixed changing of alias when user edit ticket from frontend.
  • Added placeholder [[+idx]] to comments.
  • Added rating of comments.
  • Added rating of tickets.
  • Added new snippet TicketMeta.
  • Added moving to the parent comment and back.
  • Improved snippet TicketLatest.
  • Improved clearing of cache right after ticket creation.
  • Added checkbox "show_in_tree" in the panel of Ticket.
  • Added system setting "ticket_show_in_tree_default".
  • Changed some default system setting.
  • Added column "owner" to "TicketVote" for select rating of users.
  • Added hotkeys for preview and submit tickets and comments.
  • Added anonymous comments.
  • Added simple math captcha for anonymous users.
  • Removed inline onclick events.
  • Fixed checking of "requiredFields" in TicketForm.
  • Fixed restoring of old data in new ticket form by Sisyphus.
  • Improved javascript for Internet Explorer.
  • Improved snippets because closed thread can contain comments.

1.2.4 rc5

  • Improved update chunks on package upgrade.
  • Fixed word "Array" when no tickets in section.
  • Added requirement of pdoTools 1.9.x.
  • Thread and comments are removed along with the page.
  • Added aggregate relationship "Resource" for TicketThread.
  • Added parameter "context" in snippet "TicketForm".
  • Action.php works with respect to contexts.
  • Fixed web/sections/getlist processor.
  • Changed permission in mgr/comment/update from "update_document" to "comment_save".

1.2.4 rc1

  • Added two system settings: "section_id_as_alias" and "ticket_id_as_alias".
  • Added "uri_override" checkbox.
  • Improved snippets getTickets and getTicketsSection.
  • Improved snippet "TicketForm" - see new properties.
  • Improved chunks for working on iOS.
  • Updated chunks for Bootstrap 3.
  • Ability to update chunks on package upgrade.
  • Removed chunk "tpl.Tickets.form.section.row".
  • Fixed placeholder [[+children]] when fastMode = 0 in TicketComments.
  • Ability to move comment from one thread to another.
  • Improved check of users authentication.
  • [#54] Field idx in TicketsSection.
  • [#47] Auto hide "new comment" button.
  • [#43] Parameter &redirectUnpublished in TicketForm.

1.2.3 pl3

  • Fixed requirement of TicketThread in snippet TicketLatest for showing last tickets.
  • Improved snippet TicketLatest.
  • [#52] Fixed checkboxes, again.
  • Fixed duplicate replies in TicketComments when fastMode = 0.
  • Removed user and email inputs in comment window in manager.

1.2.2 pl

  • Fixed load of CMP scripts

1.2.1 pl1

  • Fixed page with TicketsSection in manager for work in php 5.5.

1.2.0 pl

  • Replaced virtual field "comment" in TicketThread to real.
  • Optimized snippet "getTicketsSections" for work on big sites.

1.1.3 pl

  • [#50] Added button for ticket duplicate in section grid.
  • Improved two comboboxes in manager: "createdon" and "parent".

1.1.2 pl

  • [#51] Fixed work of checkboxes in manager.

1.1.1 pl

  • Improved load of pdoTools.
  • Improved registration of javascript on frontend.
  • Updated jQuery to version 1.10.2.
  • Updated jQuery.Form to version 20131017.
  • Added jQuery.Sisyphus for persisting your forms data in a browsers local storage.
  • [#49] Added action fields to Ticket actions for more Form Customization.
  • [#44] Fixed time format in tickets list.

1.1.0 pl

  • Added parameter "cacheTime" for TicketLatest.
  • Fixed method Ticket::toArray().
  • Added placeholder [[+date_ago]] to class "Ticket". You can use $ticket->get('date_ago');
  • Added new system parameter "section_content_default".
  • Fixed blank template when create new ticket if no "tickets.default_template" set.
  • Added more checkboxes for Ticket in manager.
  • Added new system parameters "ticket_hidemenu_force" and "ticket_isfolder_force". You can disable them.
  • If user edits ticket which was moved in the category into which the user has no rights, this category will be saved.

1.1.0 rc2

  • Fixed snippets for work with pdoTools 1.8.0.

1.1.0 rc1

  • Improved send of emails.
  • Fixed unsubscription message.
  • Email notifications are not sent to the authors of events.

1.1.0 beta2

  • Unread comments class removes only when it refreshed manually.
  • Added JSON field "properties" to "TicketComment". Now you can store additional data in comments.
  • Functions json_encode() and json_decode() replaced to modX::toJSON() and modX::fromJSON().
  • Snippet "TicketForm" was completely rewrited.
  • Added parameters "allowedFields" and "requiredFields" to snippet "TicketForm". You can use TVs names.
  • Tickets created and updated through ajax without reload of form.
  • Error messages is not sticky anymore.

1.1.0 beta

  • Added system setting "tickets.mail_from"
  • Added system setting "tickets.mail_from_name"
  • Added system setting "tickets.mail_bcc" for sending notifications for site admins.
  • Added system setting "tickets.mail_bcc_level" for setting level of admin notifications.
  • Added chunk "tpl.Tickets.ticket.email.bcc" for admin notification about new ticket.
  • Added chunk "tpl.Tickets.comment.email.bcc" for admin notification about new comment.
  • Added chunk "tpl.Tickets.comment.email.subscription" for notification of thread subscribers.
  • Improved responses from server through ajax.
  • New class "TicketQueue" for mail queue.
  • New methods: Tickets::addQueue(), TicketThread:isSubscribed() and Tickets::Subscribe() that using TicketThread::Subscribe().
  • Added system setting "tickets.mail_queue" for specifying whether to use delayed send of mail.
  • [#37] Fixed issue with loading incorrect TVs when create new Ticket.
  • [#35] Fixed javascript bug in comments, when "autoPublish=0".
  • [#34] Unprocessed placeholders are now removed from preview.
  • [#30] TicketsSection now has its own context menu in manager.
  • [#29] Fixed errors when snippet "TicketLatest" called before "TicketComments".
  • Fixed issue with change template when create new Ticket.
  • Fixed issue with hidden new comment, when you reply to another one, and it was changed while you typing.

1.0.0 pl1 (requires pdoTools 1.4.1 or later)

  • Add ukrainian lang for frontend.
  • Improved all snippets.
  • Fixed parameter "parents" in "TicketLatest".

1.0.0 rc4

  • Fixed comments bugs when work in limited depth mode.
  • Smooth scroll to just created comment.
  • Improved ajax update of comments.

1.0.0 rc3

  • Comments fixes and improvements

1.0.0 rc2

  • Added comments level dots in default css.
  • Added indication of unseen comments.
  • Added ajax navigation through new comments.
  • Added ajax fetching of new comments.
  • Fixed primary keys in model of component.
  • Added "mode" indication in comment save: "preview" or "create".
  • Improved gravatar hash generation.

1.0.0 rc1

  • Improved snippet TicketLatest for displaying latest comments of user

1.0.0 rc (requires pdoTools 1.2.0 or later)

  • Fixed default parameters of snippets. "showLog" and "fastMode" are now really disabled by default.
  • Rewrited snippet "getTickets". See snippet properties for details.
  • Rewrited snippet "getTicketsSections". See snippet properties for details.
  • Rewrited snippet "TicketLatest". See snippet properties for details.
  • Rewrited snippet "TicketComments". See snippet properties for details.
  • Updated awesome html editor "MarkItUp" to version 1.1.14.
  • Added system parameters "tickets.frontend_js" and "tickets.frontend_css" for loading scripts and styles.
  • Merged and rewrited default frontend styles and scripts.
  • Replaced Tickets::getChunk() by pdoTools::getChunk().
  • Added "jGrowl" script for frontend notifications.
  • [#5] Fixed bug with no field "resource" when preview comment.
  • [#6] Added parameter "depth" to snippet "TicketComments" for limitation thread depth.
  • [#7] Added parameter "formBefore" to snippet "TicketComments" for specify where to show form, before or after.
  • [#8] Sorting of thread comments depends from parameter "formBefore".
  • [#11], [#12] Added checking of parent comment status when you reply on it.
  • [#15] Added comments moderation. Check new parameter "autoPublish" of snippet "TicketComments".
  • [#18] Parameters of thread now saving in "TicketThread" object and updates on page refresh.
  • [mgr] Added ability to "close" thread. When thread is closed, comments are shown but adding new is disabled.
  • [mgr] Added ability to "publish" and "unpublish" comments.


  • Fixed bug with ignoring default template of ticket on frontend.


  • [mgr] Template fix on ticket create
  • [mgr] Fixed permissions for manage comments
  • [mgr] Fixed non-install of some system parameters
  • Improved snippets for calling them multiple times on one page
  • Improved verification of ticket fields when create
  • Fixed endless redirect on unpublished or deleted tickets
  • Parameter "showLog" is now disabled by default in snippets
  • Improved lexicons


  • [mgr] Fixed bug with no refresh on ticket create.
  • Fixed alias of ticket, created from front.


  • [mgr] Fixed bug with no changing author of the ticket when creating it in manager.
  • [mgr] Ability to change parent of the comment.
  • [mgr] Ability to specify alias of the ticket.
  • [mgr] Fixed empty dates in comment window.
  • Placeholder [[+date_ago]] in snippet TicketLatest now created from "createdon" property.


  • Fixes for PHP 5.4
  • Fix error when update ticket with disabled "automatic_alias".
  • Deleted /component/tickets/pdotools/.
  • Automatic installation of pdoTools from MODX repository.
  • 2 new snippets: getTickets and getSections.
  • getTickets is set by default for empty Section content.
  • Changed chunk tpl.Tickets.list.row for displaying unread comments count.
  • New chunk tpl.Tickets.sections.row.


  • MarkitUp javascript is now loadings at the bottom of web page.
  • Private tickets. If ticket has this param, users will must be have permission "ticket_view_private" for reading it. Otherwise they will be redirected to "tickets.private_ticket_page".
  • Fix processing MODX tags when edit comment.
  • Little chunks fixes because of ajax issue in some browsers.
  • Added parameter "toPlaceholder" to snippet TicketLatest.


  • Fixed bug with empty string after Jevix sanitization, if there was some html entities, such as &_nbsp; or &_raquo;.
  • Added virtual field "comments" to class TicketThread. Now you can get it as they were natural with TicketThread::get() or TicketThread::toArray().
  • Update last comment id and last comment time in thread on comment remove.


  • Added clearing cache of ticket on comments create\update\delete\remove. Now you can call [[TicketComments]] cached and do not forget to activate next parameter.
  • New system parameter "tickets.clear_cache_on_comment_save". If false, tickets cache will not be cleared on comment. Use it with uncached snippet call.
  • No email notices on comments update.
  • Improved redirect to tickets in plugin. Now it understands any nesting level.


  • [mgr] Added changing section of the ticket.
  • [mgr] Added tab with all comments.
  • Added editing of comments by author.
  • New system parameter "tickets.comment_edit_time". You can set number of seconds during which comment can be edited.
  • Added pretty dates formatting - Tickets::formatDate().
  • Added placeholder [[+date_ago]] to comments chunks.
  • Added placeholder [[+date_ago]] to last tickets and last comments chunks.
  • Added virtual fields "comments" and "views" to class TicketsSection. Now you can get it as they were natural with TicketsSection::get() or TicketsSection::toArray().
  • Improved chunks processing.
  • Normal MODX tags when update ticket on frontend. [[id]] instead of [[id]]
  • When you request ticket, that was moved into another section, with old url - user will be redirected to right page.


  • [mgr] Fixed default settings when create new ticket.
  • Added placeholders of user profile in comments chunks.
  • Added plugins events
  • New system setting "snippet_prepare_comment" for custom prepare data of the comment.


  • [mgr] Added Custom Manager Page for manage comments. Now you can use TicketComments without Tickets.
  • [mgr] Fixed selecting default template on ticket create.
  • Improved handling of MODX tags in Ticket::getContent.
  • Improved frontend javascript files for tickets and comments.
  • Removed parameters &useJs=`` and &useCss=`` from snippet TicketComments.
  • Added counting of ticket views by users.
  • Latest comments now respects status of resource. It must be published and not deleted.
  • Added disabling comments to ticket by setting flag "deleted" to comments thread.
  • Added virtual fields "comments" and "views" to class Ticket. Now you can get it as they were natural with Ticket::get() or Ticket::toArray().
  • Removed snippet getCommentsCount. Just use placeholder [[+comments]] or [[+views]] in chunks.
  • Added placeholders [[+comments]] and [[+views]] to ticket page.
  • Localized chunks.
  • Chunks and snippets now are static by default.


  • [mgr] #2 Added support of TinyMCE
  • [mgr] Fixed maximize comment window.
  • [mgr] New ticket option "disable Jevix". If true - all content of the page will be displayed without filtration.
  • [mgr] New ticket option "process MODX tags". If true - all tags on ticket page will be processed by MODX parser.
  • [mgr] New system parameter "disable_jevix_default". Sets default value for new ticket.
  • [mgr] New system parameter "process_tags_default". Sets default value for new ticket.
  • Auto generation of introtext field by cutting text before tag in ticket.
  • When displaying tickets, tag transformed into anchor
  • Improved getLatestComments - now much more faster.


  • Added default content for TicketsSection in manager


  • Fixed installer
  • Automatic installation of Jevix and creation of property sets for filter comments and tickets


  • Improved Ticket class, for better work with its cache
  • Fixed work with dates on Ticket update


  • Custom manager page for Ticket


  • Security fixes
  • comment_save permission is enabled in TicketsUserPolicy by default
  • Snippet tagCut


  • Custom manager page for TicketsSection


  • Removed dependency on Quip. Now comments are very fast and handy.
  • Various improvements and bug fixes


  • First beta

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