Сниппет вывода ресурсов сайта в виде календаря событий. Может брать дату для вывода из ТВ параметра или свойства ресурса.Отлично подходит для вывода различных встреч, праздников, новостей, событий и т.д.
Версия 2.2.4-pl
Дата выпуска 05.06.2013
Загрузки 1 025
Просмотры 14 187

Сниппет предназначен для вывода ресурсов из определенных контейнеров в виде календаря.

Отлично подходит для вывода различных встреч, праздников, новостей, событий и т.д.

2.2.4 pl (05.06.2013)

  • Fixed javascript. Now working with jQuery 1.9+

2.2.3 pl (04.03.2012)

  • Fixed bug with incorrect numbering of the events when they are received out of order.
  • [#7] Fixed verification of data for templating events
  • [#8] Fixed missing tr tag in calendar table
  • Added placeholders month_next && month_prev for tplHead2. You may now displaying month names in prev-next links.
  • Added placeholder day_total for tplCell2 - total count of events in the day.
  • All chunks are now fully parsed for placeholders, filters etc.

2.2.2 pl (17.02.2012)

  • [#3] Fixed multiple parents bug.

2.2.2 rc3 (06.02.2012)

  • Bugfixes english and german lixicon
  • Fixed &first_day=`0` parameter for US week.

2.2.2 rc2 (30.01.2012)

  • Bugfixes for TV support
  • New css3 default theme from Pavel Galankin (

2.2.2 rc1 (27.01.2012)

  • Added new chunks for processing snippet. Now you can further customize the table header and cell.
  • Added themes. We need to create the directory /assets/components/eventscalendar2/css/newthemename and call it in the parameter &theme=`newthemename`. Included theme for "twitter bootstrap". (&theme=`bootstrap`)
  • Added parameter &hideContainers, false by default
  • Added parameter &showHidden, true by default
  • Added german translation
  • Some perfomance optimizations
  • Improved detection of TV in &dateSource parametr. Prefix "tv" no longer needed but kept for compatibility.

2.2.1 rc1 (22.01.2012)

  • New parameter &includeContent. Disabled by default. Use &includeContent=`1` for enable.
  • New parameters &includeTVs, &includeTVList, &processTVs, &processTVList add support for TVs. Works as in getResources.
  • New Parameter &plPrefix for all placeholders. It is ec. by default
  • New Parameter &regCss for built-in styles. Enabled by default.
  • New Parameter &regJs for built-in scripts. Enabled by default. Disable it for non-ajax navigation (&regJs=`0`).
  • Chunks /are now processed for input\output filters. You may use [[+longtitle:default=`no longtitle`]] for example.

2.2.0 rc2 (19.01.2012)

  • Added parameter events. Json string with events: Example: [[!eventsCalendar? &events= [{ "id": "1" ,"date": "2012-01-01 00:00:00" ,"pagetitle": "Test page" }, { "id": "2" ,"date": "2012-01-02 12:05:00" ,"pagetitle": "Test page 2" }] ]]

  • Native MODX Revolution internalization, eg Lexicons. Russian and English in package.
  • Non ajax navigation for crawlers and non-js sites.
  • Code review

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