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In modstore.pro store you can find ready adds for CMF MODX Revolution.

Every add has its in-depth documents and update capacity from admin. We provide free back-up for sales.

How to connect


Get your access key to work with the repository. Keys are generated in your personal office, that`s why you need to sign-in on our web-site.

Put your email address and we will send you the link to log-in.

At first, you need to put the name and generate keys. One website needs one key.

Key control is performed in the personal office.

You can disable your key at any moment.

Then you just need to adapt the access to your web-site in admin.

Set up your site

Enter "System" → "Package management", go to tab "Providers" and create a new one:

  • Name — modstore.pro
  • Url — http://modstore.pro/extras/
  • Login — your email address that you use on this web-site.
  • API key — your newly generated key for access.
  • Description — optional field.

Our repository will demand the key for saving a new source. If everything is correct, the source will be saved. At first access, the key is linked up to the web-site where u entered.

You can reset this link-up by yourself, one time for a key. All the other reset will be performed through the support service.

Switch to tab "Packages" and choose a new source putting the arrow to the right from the button "Download extras":

You will see the home page of the repository and you will be able to download the necessary component.

When the new version of extension is released you will get a notification about it.